Building a Culture of Well-Being: A Partnership Between Tanner Pharma Group and Red Dot 365

At Tanner Pharma, our purpose revolves around people. This focus not only includes the patients, physicians, pharma companies and NGO’s we serve and partner with, but our outstanding team members who help us make a difference and positively impact lives around the world.

With that in mind, we are continuously seeking ways to support our global teams and provide them with the tools they need to succeed – both within their professional and personal lives. We have recently launched our associate health and well-being series aimed at improving the mental health of all Tanner team members through interactive learning sessions, sharing informative and inspirational content, and providing health and wellness tools and resources.

In alignment with this initiative, we are extremely excited to announce our newest partnership with Red Dot 365. Using a tailored & measured approach, Red Dot 365 provides bespoke solutions to improve people’s mental health & well-being. Red Dot 365 will help to assess our team members’ goals, interests, motivations, challenges and barriers and use this information to assist us in creating relevant and unique solutions to better support our associates across the globe.

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