Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plan


In accordance with current Good Distribution Practices and transparent business practices, Tanner Pharma Group, Inc. (“Tanner”) is providing the following disclosure statement that describes in general how Tanner will respond to events that significantly disrupt its business. The following affiliates and subsidiaries are wholly‐owned by Tanner or share a common owner: TannerCTS, Inc. (US), TannerGAP, Inc. (US), TannerLAC, Inc. (US), Tanner do Brasil (BR), Tanner Pharma UK, Ltd. (UK), TannerLAC UK, Ltd. (UK) and Tanner Pharma CH, GmbH (CH). Tanner maintains globally harmonized Business Continuity Plans (“BCPs”) for each of its subsidiaries and affiliates, providing a course of action for the assessment of a significant disruption to its business and for the continuation of business following such an event. The BCPs consist of companywide policies and procedures outlining the responsibilities of key personnel in the event of a significant business disruption. These policies also place ultimate decision making on the Senior Leadership Team of Tanner (the “SLT”), consisting of the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Global Controller, Managing Directors and other Tanner executives. In the event of a significant business disruption, the SLT oversees the re‐establishment and continuation of business processes pursuant to the BCPs

The BCPs are designed to address significant business disruptions of varying scope including, but not limited to:

  • Business disruption to Tanner or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates;
  • Disruption to a single building in which Tanner or any of its subsidiaries/affiliates conduct business;
  • Disruption to a business district in which Tanner or any of its subsidiaries conduct business; and
  • Region-wide business disruption.

In each of these scenarios, Tanner’s BCPs provide for an evaluation of the scope of the business disruption, and set forth various plans of action and back‐up facilities for the continuation of the company’s business, as well as alternative means for the dissemination of information to Team Members and Partner/Customers. The BCPs serve as a guides that address how Tanner will continue to conduct business during a significant business disruption pursuant to the SLT’s evaluation.

The BCPs define the critical resources needed to re‐convene and maintain business operations following a significant business disruption and detail how those critical resources will be implemented. The critical resources relied upon include:

  • Communication capabilities
  • Utility service
  • Data and information services
  • Operational services
  • Alternate workspace
  • Insurance

The BCPs outline who will be responsible for each of the critical resources and how they will be implemented. The BCPs also set forth procedures in the event of a pandemic.

In the event business must be resumed at an alternate facility, the BCPs dictate a plan for the resumption and processing of all mission critical functions at such location including inventory, staff, records & data, technical infrastructure and communications with all customers, critical business constituents and regulators. In preparation for such contingencies, Tanner provides and updates emergency contact information for two of its executive personnel with all Tanner subsidiaries and affiliates.

We consider our mission‐critical systems to be those business functions and all Team Members, facilities, data, documents, and technical infrastructure that support our partner/customers, our products and our services.

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