Tanner enables you to successfully enter what otherwise would be challenging international markets.

We enable you to help patients in need and more fully monetize healthcare assets with minimal investment and minimal risk, reaching a larger patient population with confidence it’s being done correctly and in compliance.

Tanner Licensing, Acquisition & Commercialization (TannerLAC) provides pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare companies with a single partner for the commercialization of their products in emerging markets.


Our expertise runs deep

The Tanner Advantage
Tanner provides a range of offerings to help you achieve your goals.

Turnkey Partnerships for International Markets
Tanner is the premier, single-point partner for maximizing your sales across diverse international markets.

Understanding Alternatives for International Commercialization
Tanner can offer various models that may be suited to better reach markets of interest.

Flexible Partnership Structures
Through licensing, acquisition, or fee-for-service arrangements, Tanner is uniquely suited to help you achieve your international goals.

Regulatory Affairs & Legal Expertise
Our team of experts works with local regulators, agencies and partners to ensure the time-efficient registration of your product or provides the knowledge to understand the local market requirements and pathways for successful approvals

Broad, Deep Network
Our longstanding relationships with regulatory agencies, customs agencies, logistics providers, distribution partners, public & private purchasing groups, hospitals and key opinion leaders ensure that your product gets to market quickly and reaches its full potential.

Market-Specific Strategies
Tanner develops and implements market-specific distribution, promotion and sales strategies for new-to-market and existing products. We leverage our experience in each market to secure optimal pricing and maximum profitability.


Tanner has a proven history of successfully commercializing products in international markets.


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