Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is a top priority to Tanner Pharma Group.
The following are our standards of privacy.

Protecting your privacy.
At Tanner Pharma Group, protecting company and individual privacy is paramount. The following is our privacy policy and our pledge to you. This policy and pledge enables us to protect your privacy while providing you with products and quality services. This privacy policy applies to our entire Tanner Pharma Group corporate family, which includes: TannerGAP, Inc., TannerCTS, Inc. and TannerLAC, Inc. Although each subsidiary and division of Tanner Pharma Group has a specific area of expertise, these entities work together to fulfill the needs of our business partners and/or the needs of our pharmaceutical supply chain customers.

Information we collect.
We collect only the information that is required to provide you with our services or that is required by law and regulation. We maintain strict security procedures to protect the information that we collect.

Limited disclosure of information.
We provide non-public personal information to third parties only to the extent necessary to complete your transactions, keep you fully informed as to these transactions and maintain our business relationship with you. Any information that we must provide to outside third parties is restricted as to content and recipient. Under no circumstances, will Tanner Pharma Group sell information about you or your business to any public or private third party.

We may also disclose personal information in the following instances: to comply with any applicable law where we operate, including but not limited to compliance with properly authorized civil, criminal, or regulatory investigations or to respond to judicial, government or self-regulatory authorities having jurisdiction over you or us for examination, compliance, or other purposes as authorized by law.

Confidentiality and security.
Our employee access to your information is restricted to those who have a legitimate need to know this information in order to provide our services or to comply with laws and regulations. We maintain both physical and electronic safeguards in accordance with all laws and regulations that are applicable to us. Please notify us if at any time our records contain incomplete or inaccurate information about you. Upon notification from you regarding our records, we will promptly address your concerns and make any necessary corrections or deletions that you request.

Information sharing within our corporate family.
Our partners and customers clearly benefit from information shared among the Tanner Pharma Group companies. It is important that we have the ability to share this information to provide quality services to our business partners and customers.

You may limit any of Tanner Pharma Group’s companies from contacting you about their products or services based on your personal information that they have received from another Tanner Pharma Group company. This information may include, but is not necessarily limited to, information about you or your business that has been collected from any source by a Tanner Pharma Group company. Further, you have the right to choose to prohibit any or all Tanner Pharma Group companies from contacting you and this restriction will remain in force until you tell us otherwise.

If you choose to limit Tanner Pharma Group companies from using information they receive from another Tanner Pharma Group company, please notify us by calling +1 (704) 552-8408. Your request will become effective as soon as reasonably practicable after we receive it.

Ongoing commitment.
Protecting your privacy is an on-going process. As technology continues to advance, Tanner Pharma Group will continue to evaluate its security standards and procedures associated with protecting your privacy. Nothing is more important to us than our partners and customers trust and confidence, and we will take whatever legally required steps necessary to maintain the security of our business and personal relationships. Our policies and practices for the disclosure of information, stated above, apply to current and former business partners and customers of Tanner Pharma Group and its affiliates.

Cookie Policy
For purposes of protecting personal information that is regulated under any applicable governing law, I provide Tanner Pharma Group and its intermediaries with explicit consent, to the extent required by law, to:

  • Store all personal data gathered;
  • Use personal data only in the context of business.

If you would like your data removed in accordance with applicable governing law, please email Tanner Pharma Group at

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