TannerCares Launches First Volunteer Event with Baby Bundles

TannerCares is the philanthropic commitment of our company and was set-up as a means to support charities within the healthcare space, the causes of our partners, and local events that mean something to our team members through the giving of time and financial resources. The Tanner Volunteer Program is a component of this initiative and serves as a means to strengthen our local communities and provide our associates with a platform to give back on an individual level. 

Recently, TannerCares launched its first volunteer event with Baby Bundles, an organization providing baby essentials, like clothes, books and developmental toys, to families in financial need in the Charlotte area. Baby Bundles provides families with a $300 bundle of essential items to remove a mother’s stress and provide an opportunity for bonding. Volunteers then help put the bundles together and deliver the items where needed.

Earlier in the year Baby Bundles was chosen as a non-profit our teams would like to support. As part of this commitment, TannerCares made a donation to the organization, and a group of Tanner team members recently visited the facility to volunteer in the warehouse and assemble a bundle of 40 articles for a family in need.

Here is what the team had to say about their experience:

Margarita Chala: “When I heard about Baby Bundles, I was eager to help. I had a baby last year and I have been blessed by having the resources to give him and his siblings everything that they need and more. However, I grew up in a country where there are a lot of kids in the streets begging for money and I have always been moved to help them. I know here there is a lot more help to vulnerable groups, yet there’s still a lot of people in need and that’s why for those of us that have been blessed with having all those needs and wants met, is important to give to those that haven’t.”

“Baby bundles was a great opportunity to help families in need and I was amazed by how well structured they were and how fun assembling the bundles could be. Now, my next goal is to be able to take my almost 5-year-old and my teen aged stepson to build bundles so that they can start learning the importance of helping others. If anyone wants to join me with their kids, let me know and we can all go together.”

Antonella Garcia: “I am not a mother, but I am a very dedicated Titi (Auntie) so when I heard about Baby Bundles I jumped at the opportunity. It was truly the most humble and satisfying experience to help these mommies and babies in need. From the well-sized bundles to the tiny little onesies, it was all so much fun. Everything was so organized and (the items were) good quality. We even saw some hand made blankets from local donors. I am definitely going to reach out to Amy to schedule some of my down time to continue to help this amazing organization!”

Karen Burgos: “It was a beautiful experience for me. I went back to the years when my children were babies. It was very nice to be there and know that a mother and a baby will be blessed with those bundles that we prepared with a lot of love. I was very surprised with the amount of supplies they have and the organization of the warehouse. It is definitely a rewarding experience and I hope to encourage my sons to join me next time.”

Adri Alves De Freitas: I am very happy for the opportunity to have participated in this event and for personally meeting some co-workers from other our divisions. I was impressed with the quality of the clothes, toys and great books. It’s also good to know that there is a place where we can make donations of products that are in good condition. They do an amazing job and I hope to contribute more.”

Gabby Garcia: “What a heartwarming experience! It was truly so nice to be able to help babies in need. I have two daughters, so this was close to my heart. I could not imagine not being able to provide my daughters with the essential needs every baby requires, so being able to help in doing this really was wonderful! Amy was so sweet and easy to volunteer with and the organization they had was incredible. I would definitely love to do this again.”

Learn more about Baby Bundles and their impact on the Charlotte community: https://babybundlesnc.org/

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