Evolving for the Greater Good in the COVID-19 Era

At Tanner, we think of giving not only as a duty but as a privilege. A critical part of our success is that the mission and culture of Tanner Pharma is embodied in each member of our team. Whether it’s through the global programs we develop and manage for our clients, or the fundraising we do close to home, we all want to play our part in creating possibilities and securing positive outcomes to improve the lives of others around the world.

Helping Communities Recover from the Impacts of COVID-19

When the COVID-19 virus began to rapidly spread across the globe, the Tanner team immediately recognized that the support we were providing to patients, physicians, NGOs and healthcare companies would need to expand tenfold. Our focus turned to discovering new ways to work with our current partners, as well as seeking out new opportunities and finding unique ways to create solutions.

One solution was the creation of two new Tanner service lines. TannerGMS, a new segment of our TannerGAP division, focuses on providing medical supplies to corporations and organizations across the globe. TannerPHP, a stand-alone division, is focused on supplying lateral flow test kits to help support testing policies and meet the immediate needs of governments around the world. When COVID-19 hit, Tanner was ideally placed to help – being able to help identify suppliers who could meet the urgent requests and supply materials through established distribution channels. Through our global network and supply chain, we were able to partner with various PPE and diagnostic manufacturers and create direct pathways to deliver test kits, gloves, gowns, masks, sanitizer, and more. Tanner has since supplied materials to governments, tourist destinations and various NGOs around the world, and will continue to provide these items for as long as they’re needed.

Several of our associates also made efforts to support local recovery. At the start of the pandemic a few Tanner team members took time away from work to assist the NHS Test and Trace Project. Another member volunteered to train with St. Johns Ambulance to serve as a First Aid Responder in the field, while another volunteered with Team Herts in Hertfordshire to help people with employment, money and benefits challenges, and yet another organized a grass roots initiative to help deliver groceries to those in need. These selfless individuals inspired Tanner to implement the Volunteer Program, a program built to:

  • strengthen our local communities through volunteerism
  • provide associates with a platform to give back on an individual level
  • create opportunities for our team members to further develop valuable skills such as leadership, teamwork, and communication

Through this initiative, Tanner employees are able to take time off outside of their PTO and sick days to volunteer within their local communities in support of charitable organizations of their choosing.  

Improving the Health and Wellbeing of Those Around Us

TannerCares is the philanthropic commitment of our company and was set-up as a means to support charities within the healthcare space, the causes of our partners, and local events that mean something to our team members through the giving of time and financial resources. Over the years, TannerCares has provided donations to organizations such as Zusammen Stark (ZNM) and the Joshua Frase Foundation, as well as supported and sponsored donation events for The Max Foundation and other NGO’s.

Similarly, Tanner is proud to support patient access through our non-profit partnerships. These partnerships are an essential ingredient in helping us accomplish our mission of improving lives by increasing access to medicine around the world. Our impact on global health drives us as a company, and it is one reason we actively seek to create a global team that represents our core values. Each year, we help thousands of patients directly and through our support to these organizations. Tanner may be a small company, but our partnerships enable us to affect global health equity and development in major structural ways. We are pleased to spotlight some of our closest partners below:

  • The Max Foundation
  • MAP International
  • Partnership for Quality Medical Donations
  • Global Genes
  • Partners in Health

Improving the Health and Wellbeing of Our Staff

As a company, we recognize that the past few years have been very different and can contribute to stress and anxiety that can impact the physical and mental health of our team members. The health and wellbeing of our employees is a top priority and we are committed to supporting our Tanner family.

We recently launched our employee wellbeing series aimed at improving the mental health of all Tanner employees. This initiative includes hosting webinars and educational sessions aimed at improving work life balance, offering informative and inspirational content and health and wellness resources to inform personal practices, sharing anonymous personal stories, and providing tools and items geared at enhancing positivity and reducing stress.

We have also evolved some of our internal policies to better support and ensure the safety of our associates. Because we are a global company, we have outlined a detailed office re-entry playbook that follows the guidelines of local governments. Our current hybrid approach provides our teams with the ability to utilize our office spaces in a safe and secure way. Similarly, sick days and PTO have been adjusted to accommodate those who might fall ill to COVID-19 or show symptoms after receiving a COVID vaccination. We gathered guidance from US, UK and CH legislation to develop a compliant, fair policy to provide coverage to associates if they or their immediate family members become ill and cannot work.

Looking Ahead

The past few years provided unimaginable challenges and forced businesses and individuals to rethink common practices and evolve to accommodate our new normal. And while the changes were many, the coming together of companies and strangers from across the globe looking for ways to support those in need and working together toward a common good created an unprecedented time of giving back and supporting one another. We are proud to see our employees living our mission and vision every day and we are honored to follow their lead and do our part to protect the health of our team members, partners and patients, fulfill our role in the global pharmaceutical supply chain and find solutions to help improve the lives of others around the world.  

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