Ensuring uninterrupted access.

A leading clinical stage biotechnology required packs of a comparator to conduct a Phase III trial for their leading asset. They required the stock in single lot, and because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, wanted stock with a long shelf life and additional assurances regarding the supply chain to minimize lead times and the chance of unexpected manufacturer disruptions.


Create assurances that will go the extra mile.

Tanner utilized its global network of manufacturer relationships to procure the product in single lot, with expiry in 2023, and was able to provide both a T3 and airway bills to provide transparency and accountability regarding the supply chain. T3 is a quality assurance document that provides a complete history of source to show the comparator has not gone through a third party and comes directly from the manufacturer.


Continuity of a Phase III trial

A total of 720 packs of the comparator were successfully shipped in single lot, ensuring the continuity of the Phase III trial, enabling the company to continue their clinical trial even during a global pandemic.

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