A commitment of care

TannerCares is the philanthropic commitment of our company. We allocate a percentage of every revenue dollar that we make to philanthropic giving. We support worthy charities within the healthcare space, the causes of our partners, and local events that mean something to our team members. We have done everything from sponsoring the 20th Anniversary Gala of The Max Foundation to a 5k run in our community that raised money to support gastric health because it had a personal impact on some of our US-based team members. We have also donated to support the healthcare workers and COVID-affected patients during the 2020 pandemic.

A critical part of our success is that the mission and culture of Tanner Pharma is embodied in each person we have hired over the years. Whether it is through the global programs we develop and manage for our clients or fundraising we do close to home, we all want to play a part in creating a world where patients around the world have access to medication they need.


Max Global Experience: Uganda

Tanner Pharma Group is proud to have served as the title sponsor for The Max Foundation’s 2018 “Max Global Experience: Uganda,” an expedition to raise awareness and funds for increased cancer treatment access in Africa.

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