Tanner Pharma Group Delivers on “Last Mile” in Global Health

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Lindsey Stevens
Tanner Pharma Group

SEATTLE, WAThe Max Foundation (“Max”), an international health organization dedicated to serving cancer patients, and Tanner Pharma Group (“Tanner”), a global pharma services company specializing in access to critical medication, are committed partners in bringing thousands of patients around the globe daily access to cancer treatment. Within The Max Foundation’s patient-centered model, Max Access Solutions (MAS), Tanner plays a critical role by leading quality, regulatory and logistics to ensure donated oncology products get to the right patient in the right place at the right time. MAS programs currently deliver 1,000,000 daily doses per Quarter.

Among the dozens of countries The Max Foundation supports, many are located in Africa. To raise awareness and funds for increased treatment access on the continent, Max has created a 2018 campaign known as the Max Global Experience: Uganda.

This campaign is focused on the proverbial “last mile,” which refers to the unseen efforts of patients and caregivers to make treatment truly accessible. All too often, patients must travel great distances to attend medical appointments and receive their medication. Max works to bridge these gaps by broadening its geographic reach, working with local patient groups, advocating to governments, and partnering with distribution experts like Tanner. Tanner has proudly offered to be the title sponsor for the Max Global Experience: Uganda and their parent company, Bourne Partners, will match up to $10,000 in funds raised.

“As we work to find solutions for patients in need, we feel fortunate to partner with a trusted Managed Access Program provider like Tanner Pharma Group,” said Pat Garcia-Gonzalez, CEO and co-founder of The Max Foundation. “We are strongly aligned in our values around the importance of access to cancer treatment for people around the world. As a result, we have forged a successful partnership in our Max Access Solution model which provides life-saving medication to patients in more than 70 countries. We look forward to growing our programs with Tanner and improving the lives of more cancer patients in under-resourced countries.”

“We are proud of our affiliation with The Max Foundation and the support we provide for their innovative, globally recognized programs,” added Banks Bourne, Founder & Chairman of Tanner Pharma Group and CEO of Bourne Partners. “Working with Pat and her team is deeply rewarding. Their hard work has led to monumental impact at the patient level.”

In 2017, Mr. Bourne attended another Max Global Experience, this time climbing Mt. Kinabalu in Malaysia. Banks recalls, “Seeing their work in Asia last summer and looking ahead to the upcoming trip to Africa has been inspirational and makes Tanner’s mission even more meaningful.”

About The Max Foundation

The Max Foundation is a global health organization that believes all people living with cancer deserve access to the best treatment, care, and support. The company works to decrease premature mortality from cancer by channeling humanitarian donations of life-saving oncology products to underserved populations in countries where those products are not locally available. For more information, visit www.themaxfoundation.org.

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