Tanner Pharma Group Formed From Merger of Tanner Pharmaceuticals & BurnsAdler Pharmaceuticals

New Firm’s Complementary Divisions Provide Single-Point Solutions for Clients Seeking Clinical Trial Sourcing, Global Access Programmes and Commercialization Expertise in Challenging Global Markets

 CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Tanner Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a global pharma services company that provides access to pharmaceuticals through Global Access Programmes and Clinical Trials Sourcing, and BurnsAdler Pharmaceuticals, a specialty pharmaceutical company that licenses and acquires pharmaceuticals, medical devices and over-the-counter (OTC) products for commercialization in Latin America and other international markets, have merged to form Tanner Pharma Group, company officials announced today.

The newly formed entity is a portfolio company of Bourne Partners, a healthcare-focused merchant bank that offers financial advisory, direct investment and management consulting services to life sciences partners around the world.

“We are pleased to announce this merger, which allows our pharmaceutical partners to retain the expertise and customer service that they have come to expect from both Tanner and BurnsAdler, while significantly enhancing our service offering and global reach,” said Banks Bourne, CEO of Bourne Partners.

“With the formation of Tanner Pharma Group, we continue to focus on improving the lives of patients by providing comprehensive solutions to both manufacturing partners, including big pharma, specialty pharma, biotech and consumer/OTC companies, as well as to in-market providers, such as governments, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, physicians and patients themselves.”

Tanner Pharma Group is comprised of three complementary divisions: Tanner Clinical Trial Sourcing (TannerCTS); Tanner Global Access Programmes (TannerGAP); and Tanner Licensing, Acquisition and Commercialisation (TannerLAC).


TannerCTS procures comparator products for manufacturers, CROs and research centers from a broad range of sources. Additionally, the company provides clinical trial logistics and inventory management for trials conducted in the U.S., Europe, Mexico and Brazil.


TannerGAP serves manufacturers and providers by developing, implementing and managing Global Access Programmes in international markets. The company’s experience includes Named Patient Programmes, Expanded Access Programmes, Compassionate Use Programmes, Government & Private Provider Tender fulfillment and Emergency Supply allocations.


TannerLAC serves pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare companies by maximizing commercial potential for their products in Latin America and other challenging markets. The company’s licensing and registration model minimizes the risk, investment and resources necessary for companies to achieve their revenue goals in non-core, international markets.

“We began by licensing and owning products, then evolved into additional services. Our new structural alignment allows us to offer highly specialized services to our partners while leveraging our experience and quality standards across the entire platform,” said Josh Cooper, Director of Corporate Development for Tanner Pharma Group.

Current client-partners of Tanner Pharmaceuticals and BurnsAdler Pharmaceuticals can expect a seamless transition to the new organization, as all client contacts will remain the same.

“This merger is exciting for two reasons,” explained Maryori Alvarenga, Director of Sales & Operations for Tanner Pharma Group. “First, it caps off an exciting phase of growth for our companies, which combined for revenue growth of 880 percent over the last four years; and second, it signifies the start of the next phase of our Global Growth Strategy.”

Coinciding with the merger is the opening of Tanner Pharma Group’s London office, the company’s third international hub. The London office will oversee business development and operations for UK/EU opportunities within the TannerCTS and TannerGAP divisions.

As a result of the merger, Tanner Pharma Group is launching new branding, which can be viewed at: www.TannerPharma.com.

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