Tanner Pharma Group Signs Versacloz Distribution Agreement with Tasman Pharma Inc.

Tanner Pharma Group Signs Versacloz Distribution Agreement with Tasman Pharma Inc.

May 12, 2020

For Immediate Release


Telephone: 704-552-8407

Email: versacloz@tannerpharma.com


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Tanner Pharma Group, a global provider of integrated specialty access solutions, has announced the signing of a distribution agreement with Tasman Pharma Inc. The agreement names Tanner as a distributor of Versacloz in areas outside of the United States where the product is not yet registered (excluding Australia, Ireland, and United Kingdom). Versacloz is indicated for the treatment of severely ill patients with schizophrenia who fail to respond adequately to standard antipsychotic treatment.


The distribution will be managed by TannerGAP, Inc. (“TannerGAP”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tanner Pharma Group. TannerGAP offers turn- key global access solutions for the distribution of products from markets of supply to markets of demand.


Maryori Alvarenga, Managing Director of US and Global Director for TannerGAP, commented, “Tanner is looking forward to helping patients in need with the supply of Versacloz otherwise not available in their Market.”


Jeff Douglas, Managing Director of Tasman Pharma Inc., added, “We are looking forward to our partnership with Tanner which will help more patients in need gain access to our cost-effective, evidence-based therapeutic options”.


To obtain additional details about Global Access Programs, please contact a Tanner Pharma representative at +1 704 552 8408 or email general@tannerpharma.com. For Versacloz product related enquiries, please email versacloz@tannerpharma.com.

About Versacloz:

Versacloz is an antipsychotic medicine that is used to treat schizophrenia after other treatments have failed. This medicine is available only from a certified pharmacy under a special program. Versacloz is also used to reduce the risk of suicidal behavior in people with schizophrenia or similar disorders.

About Tasman Pharma Inc.:


Tasman Pharma Inc. is part of the Douglas Pharmaceuticals group of companies and focuses on delivering cost effective medicines in the US.


About Tanner Pharma Group


For over 17 years, Tanner Pharma Group has partnered with biopharmaceutical companies to provide turn-key solutions to increase patient access to medicines around the world. By partnering with Tanner Pharma, biotech and pharma companies are able to focus on their primary markets while ensuring that patients in international markets of need are receiving their products through a strictly controlled channel.


Headquartered in the U.S., Tanner has a global reach and provides international commercialization through licensing, managed access programs, global access programs and clinical trial procurement.


For more information about Tanner Pharma Group, please visit www.tannerpharma.com.

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