Tanner Pharma Plants 9,175 Trees in the UK in Partnership with Treeapp

Source: TreeApp

Tanner x Treeapp

Tanner and Treeapp have been working together since February 2022. In that time we have planted 9,175 trees together in the UK, at the Treeapp site in Llangoedmor in West Wales (more info here). Prior to intervention, this land was degraded forest. 16 different species were planted here, the most prominent being Downy Birch, Common Alder and Pendunculate Oak, which will regenerate the ecosystem and provide food and shelter for a vast spectrum of birds, insects, and other wildlife.

Tanner has been offsetting shipments through carbon credits and allocating an additional 20% of offsetting spend towards tree planting with Treeapp. Treeapp provided Tanner’s first batch of carbon credits, on the Nanning landfill gas project in China.

About Treeapp

Treeapp is a global tree planting and carbon offsetting organisation, planting trees on 80+ sites across the world, spanning 13 different countries across 4 continents. Treeapp has planted millions of trees, receiving recognition from Forbes, Sky News and Sir David Attenborough in the process. They have worked with hundreds of companies to integrate tree planting into their offering and/or offset their carbon, including the likes of Credit Suisse, L’Oreal and DPD. Treeapp plants 150+ different species and their tree planting operations are scientifically driven, guided by a board of experts in tropical forestry and reforestation. https://www.thetreeapp.org/

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