Unbridled Gratitude | Breanna Floyd 

There are two things Breanna Floyd brings to work in the morning and takes home in the evening – a smile and a sense of gratitude. Unbridled gratitude, actually. And why wouldn’t she? Breanna sees no reason not to have both, being fresh out of college and still working for an organization she regards as nothing short of “extraordinary”. 

“We’re not your typical company. You think of people working, going in at 8 and leaving at 5 and that’s it. But that’s not us. We’re exceptional. We care for each other, care about our customers, and care about the patients at the end of the line.” 

Just this past year, Breanna celebrated her three-year anniversary with Tanner Pharma Group. She currently serves as a senior finance clerk. But if you would have asked her four years ago if she expected to be where she is today, the answer would have been no. Back then she was gaining finance experience doubling down as an intern at Tanner’s parent company, Bourne Partners, as well as a local Charlotte construction company. When she joined Tanner, she quickly realized how different the work really is in the professional world.  

“In my opinion college doesn’t prepare you much for the real world,” she admits. “There was definitely a learning curve after leaving university, but I was able to learn quickly with the support of my new team.”  

And learn she did. Breanna relays that right from the start she began growing as a person and a professional, with the added bonus of her team growing right alongside her. When Breanna came into the fold, her department had three people plus herself. Today that number has doubled! 

“Even though we’ve grown so much, I still feel like we’re a tight group. Like we’re all in it together. It’s very much a family environment. Everybody cares for everybody.” 

“When you think of an office sometimes you think of something cold and stiff, but not Tanner. Tanner is warm and inclusive.” 

Thinking back, Breanna recalls when she first felt this caring and collaborative spirit. In her early days of working, Tanner had a large company outing at Lake Wylie. She knew the folks in her department but not many, and like most people new to an environment Breanna was off on her own, sticking to herself. That was until she was approached by a coworker. The woman sat down with Breanna and the two got to know one another. Then the coworker introduced her to more folks, and suddenly she was conversing with more and more of the group. They spent that Friday evening swimming, playing volleyball, chowing down, and just being what Breanna can confidently say is a “close-knit group”. 

Undoubtedly, this family dynamic has left her feeling mighty grateful, and she feels she responds best through her strong work ethic.  

At the most recent awards ceremony, Breanna was recognized as one of two recipients of the Responsive and Caring Award. Breanna won the responsive side, being recognized for her willingness and consistency in helping others. She was noted as being quick to answer questions, help her colleagues, communicate, to reply to emails, approving orders, and more. 

“If someone needs help, I like to help. And part of that is knowing that if I needed help it would be there for me, no questions asked.” 

If there’s anything Breanna could hope for moving into the future, it would be that the Tanner mission expands, they are helping even more people, and that they never stop doing everything possible to assist others. 

She feels that Tanner’s support of customers and patients have made her take a step back and appreciate what she has. “We have access to medicine. We can walk down the street and go to a CVS, a convenience store. We have medication and healthcare access at our fingertips, but so many don’t have that. That’s what we’re doing here. We are all trying to make a difference.” 

In the end, it is for all of these reasons that Breanna is openly grateful for her journey at Tanner and for the opportunity to work with people who care about each other and the many others around the world they will never meet. 

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