Tanner Pharma Group Gives Donation to Benefit MAP International’s Bringing Children Health Program

Brunswick, GA – MAP International, a nonprofit health organization whose mission is to provide medicines and health supplies to those in need around the world so that they might experience life to the fullest, recently received a generous donation from Tanner Pharma Group.

The donation of over 18,000 units of pharmaceutical products and cash, valued at $250,000, will specifically benefit MAP International’s Bringing Children Health (BCH) program. The BCH program is a targeted initiative to increase global health equity for access to antibiotics for children in need, and the donation from Tanner Pharma Group included not only life-saving antibiotics, but also vital medicines like children’s fever reducer/pain reliever, and antifungal and anti-seizure medicines.

Tanner Pharma Group partners with pharmaceutical companies and NGOs to facilitate access to medicines around the world. At Tanner, every member believes that access to medicines should not have borders, and their goal is to improve as many lives as possible.

“It is our great privilege to support MAP International and the incredible work they are doing to get life-changing medicines and health supplies to the millions that need it around the world,” said Steve Scalia, President of Tanner Pharma Group. “We are passionate about increasing access to medicines and making a difference in patient lives, and the alignment of goals and efforts between our two organizations couldn’t be more suited. We look forward to continuing our work together and finding ways to make a positive impact on global health.”

MAP International has been partnering with Tanner Pharma Group since October of 2019, when Tanner donated a significant amount of medicines in support of MAP’s disaster relief efforts in the Bahamas following the devastation of Hurricane Dorian. MAP International has also purchased high quality, low-cost medicines from Tanner for a project in Kazakhstan, in addition to purchasing discounted antibiotics for the BCH program.

When sourcing the products for this donation, Tanner Pharma Group utilized the relationships within their healthcare network and partnered with Pharmaceutical Associates, Inc. (PAI), a manufacturer who provided a high-level discount on the medicines. PAI manufactures and markets generic liquid pharmaceuticals and is among North America’s leaders in quality, safety, and productivity. PAI has been at the forefront of producing better-targeted suspensions, oral solutions, elixirs, syrups, and liquids for nearly 50 years.

MAP International is grateful for their strong strategic partnership with Tanner Pharma Group. “We simply cannot convey the depth of our gratitude to Tanner for supporting us in so many ways, including the Bringing Children Health program,” says Jodi Allison, MAP International’s Vice President, Global Giving. “The impact they’ve made worldwide through their donations and their purchase program cannot be overstated. MAP International has been able to change – and save – so many children’s lives because of their generosity.”

It is estimated that this donation will improve the lives of over 20,000 patients globally. To learn more about MAP International’s Bringing Children Health program, visit www.map.org/programs-health. For more information about Tanner Pharma Group, visit www.tannerpharma.com.

Tanner Pharma Group Media Contact:

Lindsey Stevens



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